Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Project Outreach Videos

On June 17th, 2010, the final reports for both teams were sent to the NASA RGO in completion of the last of the project requirements. The Final Reports contain the science analysis and outcomes, as well as a summary of our outreach activities. Both teams worked hard on completing the reports in the weeks following our return from Houston, though a majority of the work was done after the semester ended, since team members also had to catch up and prepare for finals in most cases.

As part of the final reports that were prepared for NASA, we were also asked to create outreach videos that were submitted with the reports. The intent for the videos was primarily to share our experiences with the project, though no specific guidelines were given by the NASA requirements. As such, each team developed its own style while scripting and directing the videos. In both cases, however, the videos have already proved useful tools for informing new students about the projects and conducting outreach with various audiences.

The Traction Team's Outreach Video contains a brief overview of the project, and then interviewed two of the team members to answer more details about the outreach and flight experience directly.

The Impedance Team's Outreach Video also contains a brief overview of their project, as well as some very inspiring montages of the team developing the experiment and flying aboard the G-Force One aircraft.

During the summer the teams also teamed up with the Discovery Center of Idaho to present their projects to the public during Idaho Space Days. We presented alongside several other big speakers including former astronauts Barbara Morgan and Wendy Lawrence, and NASA Education Specialist, Tony Leavitt. The response from the community about the week-long event was overwhelmingly positive.

As a final outreach event from the 2010 Microgravity season, the remaining team members took questions about gravity from elementary school students around Idaho, on-air, on the Idaho Public Television show D4K. The short, 30-minute show was a very fun learning experience for the team members involved and is now archived for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Now, returning members of the 2010 teams are helping to prepare the next proposal for submission on this October 27th, and recruiting new teams for the following year.

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  1. Do you have some pictures and information about the wheels tested already? I would like to know how they performed. Thank you. I wish you best of luck in the upcoming competition!