Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flight Day #2

Flight crew for Day 2

It was a sweet success for the Lunar Traction Team having fixed our experiment we were able to retrieve the data we needed. Although not as much as we hoped for. The Impedance Team also a success and we look forward to conclusions made from each experiment.

Left: Keith, Middle: Pam, Right: Mike

Left: Brian, Middle: Don, Right: Jordan

The View From Outside the Plane

The weather wasn't looking very promising this morning and we were worried that they would have to turn around and come back. Yes they still would have flown another day but today is always better than tomorrow. But the plane took off without any delays and all was well.


My fingers are too big for these buttons.

Everyone seemed very much distracted by Don's shoes.

Brian, we call him the lanky Tom Cruise.

Zero Gravity and the Impedance Team = Chaos

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