Monday, April 12, 2010

Ready to Fly!

Over the weekend we worked extremely hard to get the experiments fully ready for the TRR (Test Readiness Review), and it paid off! The experiments look great and all problems were solved.

Tomorrow is the first day of flight on our good ship the Zero G.

Today we got our flight suits.

We also got a tour of high altitude airplanes in the flight hanger by a veteran astronaut.

We also loaded the experiments on the plane. Tomorrow on the Traction team students Alex and Leslie will be flying with principle investigator Pedro. On the Impedance team, students Andrew and Travis will be flying with Professor Dr. Hay. Also, Mo gets to fly with the MIT team.

Also, over the weekend we found a bit of time to have some fun. We ran in the Yuri's 5k run and some people even won awards.

That night we continued the Yuri's celebration in downtown Houston with Yuri's Night.

Some of the Star Wars characters showed up which made the night even better.

We're all very excited for the next two days where we get to actually fly on the Zero G plane and run our experiments.



  1. Way to go guys! Good luck on the flight today! Lets keep that Boise State no kill flight record going!

  2. Looks good! Happy flight day! The kids were happy to see the pictures!